A knowing gloom has settled over the land of Novia, as the populace has become numb to the struggle of existence and the unease of the foreboding of what is yet to come. There are only faint memories of the days of laughter and the days when hope thrived in the boldness of its exhuberance of life.

       No longer would a person in Novia live care free and give so little thought to the consequences of their actions, foolishly trusting in the bliss of ignorance.

       There is no path back. The thirst of the captors will not be so easily quenched by just a victory over the unknowing captives, as their appetite has only been sharpened and the true gluttony of the feast has yet to be revealed.

       The march to enslavement has begun and as the panic feverishly begins its enlightenment of the truth among the willfully ignorant, the longed for chaos and madness is close at hand.

       Can you survive the indoctrination, and yet survive the ravages of the mob? You must be cleansed and hardened and have pureness in your understanding. You must be ready to bare the weakness of your soul to the ravages and horrors of your coming eternal damnation.

       Do you live in the truth? Do you love the truth? Do you have the Courage to face the truth? If you choose to not decide, you still have made your choice.

       Welcome to Krabnevir, your Gateway to Legend.

       Welcome to the pain of your sins, welcome to the darkness of your wayward soul. Experience the consequence of your ignorance and savor the vastness of your depravity. Repent and embrace the retribution, so that you willingly endure the pain of your atonement, for only the depth of your burden can measure the height of your rising. Only the blind darkness can define the purity of the light.

       If you should survive . . . , the sight of your soul will be clear and the truth of your path revealed. You cannot live with this pain, it must end, by conquering evil or by death. Your death can come by your choosing, or at the hands of your coming tormentors. Or, you can be one of the few who survive, one of the few mighty avatars of old, an Avatar of Legend.

       This is your gateway . . . . do you enter? or do you wait for the beasts who come for your soul?